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We are Buffalo’s marine detailing specialists! Our team will travel to your Home, Marina, or Boat Yard! Offering the Best Boat Detailing in Buffalo harbors and Surrounding Areas.

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About Us

Professional Boat Details of NY LLC was founded in 2006.
We have grown very fast because we understand the needs of our customers’ boats to bring back the shine it loves to have.

We strive for 110% customer satisfaction on every job we do.
Every boat gets looked over by multiple sets of eyes to make sure your boat looks it best.
If you are looking for the best detailing services in Buffalo, give us a call today.

We do extensive training with all of our employees to ensure we detail boats with the highest quality of service.
We are fully insured and can provide certificates of insurance to clients and marinas.

We believe in going through all the steps in order to ensure our spot as Buffalo’s premier boat detailing company.


Protect Your Investment

We know your boat or yacht is a major investment and that it has special needs in order to maintain its shine and sparkle. Proper care is needed in order to preserve your boats surfaces and value. We know the effects the sun, water and other elements that can take a big toll on gel coat, fiberglass, vinyl, and metal. Through our years of experience we know the best way to combat the harming effects in order to protect your investment

Our detailing protects all the parts of your boat’s gel coat, fiberglass, vinyl and isinglass. All of these surfaces need to be treated with separate waxes, compounds, and chemicals in order to keep them safe from the elements.

  • Exterior Detailing
  • Full Wash
  • Light or Heavy Compounding
  • Non-Skid Cleaning
  • Metal Cleaning
  • Vinyl Cleaning and Dressing
  • Isinglass Cleaning and Polish
  • Full Wax

Weekly Wash Service

Washing your boat weekly is an essential service that every boat needs. To be proactive in protecting the boat from the sun-rays, hard water stains, bird droppings. By having your boat washed weekly we can wash all the debris and feces collected during the week. We also use a special boat soap that keeps a light wax on the surfaces in order to protect the boat from the weather.

Our Weekly Washing Service

Full wash of your boat with special boat soap Clean the non-skid, vinyl, and metal Cleaning Isinglass and windows Vacuum Outside carpet

Shrink Wrapping

Why is Shrink Wrapping important?

In NY our boats are out of the water about 6 months of the year. Keeping the boat shrink wrapped when it is out of the water protects it from moisture that can get in and freeze as well as from the outside elements that can get in the boat like leaves and animals.

Our Shrink Wrapping Service

  • High quality marine shrink wrapping
  • Wrap as close to the water line where possible
  • Install moisture control
  • Install ventilation
  • Install a zipper access door


We are currently detailing boats anywhere in Buffalo, NY and its surrounding harbors.
We come to your boat in order to make it simple for you.

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